Maintain our health

with the help of nature we can maintain our health by doing simple exercises in fresh air. it is also said that with there is a great impact of environment on our body as it reduces the stress when someone stay in calm environment and on the other side it also increase the stress level if the environment is being noisy or out of our comfort. Researchers had searched that even a single plant having in the room can reduce our stress and provide us good state of mind.

  • By viewing different scenes in the environment we can get rid from any pain feeling in the body. Nature heals the body by reducing our daily hectic schedule routines.
  • Secondly, nature soothes our health because it helps in getting rid from pains.
  • Thirdly, nature helps in refreshing our brain and provide energy to do new tasks.

Personal Branding

For this week there is the task for posting blog on our personal brand and presence. As my personal Brand is on the Health Tips on the basis of nature. For this I had chosen the theme Karuna which has green background which is suitable for the health with nature tips or awareness. Also, this is easy and become simple for my audiences to have the idea about my brand and my blog posts.

Personal Branding is the practice of peoples to make their personal online identity for a organisation or business. This includes personal or professional reputation in the Social media. For Branding we have to link different social media accounts to our blog site to advertise our opinions on our personal branding. For my Brand my target audiences are my social link followers and friends. For the personal branding we have some of the following things to make it more popular:

So the first one is our own MANTRA which means what we think about our personal brand and it would useful for the target audiences. For my brand my mantra is providing and giving awareness to my audiences about the health tips that how we can cure our health with natural things and we maintain our body fit and well. Other things we have for this is our LOGO which means a symbol or a mark for the identification of an organisation or even for the individuals to promote their personal online presence in their own business. Then, there is also a need of using the international language so everyone can easily understand and read it. And also keep update with your postings to make your personal brand more popular and your postings should always be related to your audience interests.There is more detail on personal branding which is discussed in the link below for more detailed information :-

Health Tips

Hey Guys I am going to describe the uses of different herbs in our daily lives.There are many spices or herbs which we can use to cure our health and these herbs related to natural remedies. So first of all, below are the names of the different natural herbs which we can use f I am going to describe the uses of different herbs in our daily lives for our health well-being.

  • Ginger – There are many benefits of having Ginger in our daily routine. As we can use this herb in our morning tea to reduce stress on my mind and also this will freshen your mind for whole day load. Below is the image how this looks like and you can buy this from any supermarket as well as you can grown this in your house anywhere in the ground. For more detail visit Wikipedia


This is originated from China and it is commonly produced in India, Jamaica, Australia, Fiji and Indonesia.
 Following are the uses of ginger

  • Ginger helps in boosting metabolism and reduced fat from our body.
  • It helps in digestion and makes our digestive system and this is also said by having ginger tea or chewing the ginger helps in relief from nausea, vomiting, flu and cold.
  • Also, the ginger tea is helpful in winters to keep our body warm and the steps are very easy to make ginger tea.

For the ginger tea firstly cut the fresh ginger around 20-30 gm and then boil in 1-2 cups of water. After that add one table spoon of honey in this with half lemon and this will give you more better taste.

  • Ginger is also helpful for getting relief from respiratory problems and other use of this is that it is also effective in improving our immune system.
  • This lowers down our blood pressure and also helps in preventing from heart related diseases.
  • This also helpful in sharpening our appetite to increase our hunger.

I hope you like this post. Thanks.


Week 3 blog post

Today I am discussing about the Theme selection for my word press blog site.  I had selected the theme named as Karuna because this a clean  vision of a business site and very attractive for readers. This will displays a static font page layout for the viewers to this site. This theme is simple and easy to find the data publish on different categories. As I had selected the topic related with Health awareness and This theme will reflect on health with nature that How one can maintain the beauty and health with the help of different exercises and with the help of Yoga in Our Daily lives.

Moreover the color of this theme is Green which is very attractive to eyes and by have a look on the front page we feels like fresh as in the mornings every time when one will a choice to open this site. The first appearance of the theme tells us about the aim behind choosing the Karuna theme for expanding and sharing our views and Ideas and also it will help in guessing on which topic the posts are all about. Lastly, this is designed in a way that all the postings appear on the front page under recent posts and older posts.

week 1 blogpost

For the week 1 class sessions our Tutors had discussed us with about the Social Media course that this is about the social networking sites and how to use the social media in our daily lives. Firstly in the class there was the introduction part in pairs in which everyone had come in front with ones own identity.

After that our tutor Belma Gaukrodger discussed about the Personal presence , personal brand and how to expand the brands on the word press. Then on Friday’s session there was more detailed information discussed by tutor Clare Atkins about the assignment details, Blogs – overview, Blogs – examples, Blogs – yours.

What is Blog?

According to Wikipedia, A blog is a A blog  is a discussion or informational published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries . Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page. Blogs were usually the work of a single individual, occasionally of a small group, and often covered a single subject or topic. This is regular updated of a personal experiences by one individual or a small business organisation.

After that, we had a look on other personal brands about the theme and work then we discussed in class about the Impressions and how these sites encourage to visit all through the blogs posted in that. In our first blogpost under Class work category we have to answer the questions following:

Which theme we are selecting an then why?